The Macon County Sheriff's Office provides patrol to the citizens of Macon County; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Macon County Deputies patrol nearly 600 square miles. The patrol division consists of three shifts. Each shift is manned by patrol deputies and an Administrative Lieutenant and an Operations Sergeant. There are two K-9 Units that are available on call. The K-9 has been instrumental in operations involving narcotics, lost children and fleeing felons.
On any given shift, deputies respond to a variety of calls for service that vary, including, but not limited to:

1.        Service of Civil/Criminal Subpoenas
2.        Service of Arrest Warrants
3.        Service of Order of Protections
4.        Enforcement of Traffic Laws
5.        Enforcement of Criminal Laws

We pride ourselves with providing courtesy, professionalism and dedication to the public we serve. Smaller cities and villages in Macon County have recognized the level of services we provide and have contracted our service, such as:

1.        Village of Forsyth, Full Time Contractual
2.        Village of Argenta, Part Time Hireback
3.        Village of Longcreek, Part Time Hireback
View a patrol car camera recording
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