The officers of the Macon County Sheriff's Court Division provide a number of services critical to the safe and orderly operation of the Macon County Courthouse.

When a person is remanded to the custody of the Sheriff, we as sworn law enforcement officers, provide safe passage to the county jail for the person taken into custody.

You will see us in the courtrooms ensuring that the judges and officers of the court are able to conduct their business in an atmosphere free of noise and other distractions.

We act as the Sheriff's representative during criminal and civil trials, offering assistance to the judges, counselors, and very importantly, to our jurors.

One of our most important duties is the mandatory screening of all persons who enter the Macon County Courthouse.  This usually amounts to only a moment of delay and a very minimal intrusion of privacy.  The following is a list of some items that will not be permitted into the Macon County Courthouse:  CELLULAR PHONES, weapons, pocket knives, chemical agents, explosives, photography equipment, or other contraband.

You are encouraged, should a problem or question arise during your visit, to ask any of our officers for assistance.

Above all, the responsibility of the Court Division officers is to provide and maintain a safe and secure environment for all persons who visit or work in the Macon County Courthouse.
Courthouse Entrance Screening Area
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