The Macon County Sheriff's Office Investigations Division is responsible for investigating crimes committed to persons and property within Macon County. The Investigations Division consists of Adult Detectives, Juvenile Detectives, School Resource Officer, Narcotics Officer, and Warrant Officer. The Deputies assigned to this division work day shift with an assigned weekly rotation to be on call 24 hours per day.

The Adult Detectives are responsible for:
Interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects in crimes of persons or property.
Investigate any and all possible leads in the crime.
Secure and Inventory all seized evidence.
Registration of Sex Offenders in Macon County.
Crime Scene Investigations.
Act as Liaison with other agencies to gain information on suspects.

Juvenile Detective is responsible for:
Filing and Recording Juvenile reports and Juvenile suspect information
Transports Juvenile Delinquent Offenders to Juvenile Detention Facilities.
Investigate any and all crimes involving Juveniles as victims or as suspects.
Act as a Liaison with other agencies such as D.O.V.E., Macon County Advocacy Center,
Growing Strong, and Youth Advocate.

Narcotics Officer:
Assigned to the Decatur Police Department Street Crimes Unit and is responsible for investigating violations of Illinois Controlled Substance Act, Cannabis Control Act, and Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act. The Macon County Sheriff's Office, Decatur Police Department and Macon County States Attorneys Office makes up the Task Force which focuses on violations in Macon County.

Warrant Officer:
Assigned to United States Marshals Task Force.
Investigates and effects arrests of Federal and Felony Warrants in United States.