In 1989 the Law Enforcement Center was constructed and the jail is located on the second floor.  When it opened it housed approximately 195 inmates.  In 2001 the Bivens Whitten Juvenile Detention Center was closed and in 2006 the building was remodeled to house adult prisoners.  With the remodeling the current jail now houses 425 inmates.  New technology in the jail includes digital video recording of 215 cameras and video visitation.  The new cameras throughout the jail ensure better security for inmates, staff and visitors.

Prior to 1989 the Macon County Jail was located above the Macon County Courthouse.  It housed approximately 80 inmates.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to sexual abuse and sexual harassment of inmates, either by staff members or other inmates. Inmates have the right to be free from sexual abuse, from sexual harassment and from retaliation for reporting such incidents.  For more information regarding PREA-Prison Rape Elimination Act click here and 2024 PREA Audit Report click here.

The Illinois Department of Corrections has completed an inspection of the Macon County Jail on October 19, 2023.  Click here for the 2024 IDOC Inspection Report

All visits must be scheduled in advance, click the below Securus link to schedule.

On Site Video Visitation Hours
These are available seven days a week.
8:20am to 1:20pm and 3:20pm to 6:40pm

Online Video Visitation Hours
These are available seven days a week.
7:20am to 1:20pm and 3:20pm to 9:20pm
Macon County Jail utilizes Homewav for all inmate communications.
Visitors must create an account by visiting  

On Site Video Visitation Hours
Mon-Fri: 7:20am - 11:40am; 1:00pm - 5:45pm; 7:15-8:40pm
Sat, Sun: 8:20am - 11:40am and 12:30pm - 3:40pm

Online Video Visitation Hours
These are available seven days a week.
7:00am - 5:45pm and 7:15pm - 10:45pm

Macon County Jail Visitation Lobby
Macon County Jail Video Visitation
Online Video Visitation is available, click the below link to schedule a visit.
HomeWAV Online Video Visitation

The Visitation Lobby will be closed on all legal holidays which are available at Legal Holidays - Macon County, Illinois . The Visitation Lobby may also close during emergency situations or inclement weather.


  •         All visitors are required to provide proper identification (Ex: Driver's License, State ID).
  •         All identification must be readable by jail staff.  Damaged identification cards will not be accepted.
  •         Visitors must be 18 years of age or older unless accompanied by a legal guardian.
  •         Visitors must show up 5 minutes before their appointment start time to be verified and lock up personal belongings.
  •         No cellular phones will be allowed at the visitation booths.
  •         Two adults or one adult and two children will be allowed to visit at one time.  No more than two children are permitted.
  •         Adults must control children while in visitation, failure will result in your visit being terminated.
  •         No visitor appearing to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or otherwise disruptive to staff or others will be permitted to visit.
  •         Proper attire must be worn for visits.
  •         No revealing attire such as low cut shirts, bikini tops, see through or otherwise offensive clothing will be permitted.
  •         Notwithstanding the above, if jail staff determines your attire is not appropriate you may be asked to leave and return in proper attire.
Visits may be immediately terminated by jail staff for violating any of the above rules without notice and the visitor may be banned from future visits as determined by the administration. Your visit may be monitored and recorded.

Make Payments Simply

Macon County Sheriff's Office accepts credit and debit card payments. Bond is accepted on site 24/7 (some fees may apply).  Payments can be made with a major credit, debit or pre-paid debit card, Including:


This page will provide bail amount and court information for inmates currently in custody.
The fastest way to send money to an inmate in Macon County Jail.

Internet Deposits
Cash, Credit or Debit Card at the Jail is also accepted
Property left by inmates who have been transferred to IDOC or another facility must be picked up in 30 days.